Off the Beaten Path Destinations for the Bucket List

The beauty of serendipity is that it hits you when you least expect it. It is something unplanned. It just happens. And oftentimes it is when you’re not looking for it that it reveals itself. It may occur anywhere, but it’s in the off the beaten paths that it could really take you by surprise. Travel is synonymous with serendipity. This is probably one of the reasons why it can be addictive. Exploring unfamiliar places gives you that feeling of discovering something beautiful from the unexpected. If you’re thinking of visiting the less trodden paths where not many tourists have gone before, here are some of the destinations that deserve a spot in your bucket list.



Bhutan hosts less than 30,000 tourists every year. And it’s not because travelers avoid it. The country puts an annual cap on the number of tourists. While smaller than its neighbors like China and India, Bhutan is a breathtaking place with scenic landscapes. Its culture and traditions are well-preserved that visiting the country is like straddling a line between the ancient and modern times. The natural environment in the midst of Himalayan mountains and verdant forests protected by the government provides is just one of the many reasons to visit this place.

Bosnia and Herzegovina


It has been over two decades since the war ended in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The country has suffered much from it in many ways. Traces of the conflict like bullet-ridden structures still remain. But looking beyond some of the remnants of the past war, tourists can find spectacular sceneries and a more laidback way of life that can be soothing for those weary of the constant busyness of highly urbanized cities. Its natural attractions are great for adventures or relaxing strolls. Tourists can also marvel at the architectural attractions like the old bridge in Mostar.



Kiribati is an island nation consisting of 33 atolls. Some people may not be aware of it but Christmas Island or Kiritimati is part of it. Less than 6,000 people visited the place in 2014. Unlike other popular island getaways, Kiribati’s many attractions are underdeveloped and fairly rugged in several ways. There are few amenities for travelers who may be looking for the familiar comforts of more touristy destinations. But it’s this ruggedness that’s part of its biggest draw. It’s beautiful destination with pristine beaches and breathtaking lagoons.



Mongolia is an interesting place to visit if you don’t mind the feeling of remoteness. It has large sections of wilderness to explore. The country’s fascinating history and culture likewise make it unique. Its stunning landscapes, spectacular sunsets, and lush forests are just some of the many things to look forward to when visiting the country.



The Southeast Asian nation of Myanmar has been isolated for many years. In recent years, it started to attract more tourists eager to see the hidden gems of the country. The country is home to some of the gentlest people in the region. It has beautiful temples that shimmer in sunlight. Traveling to Bagan is like being transported to the old times where you can see ancient temples and pagodas surrounded by spectacular landscape.