Earbud Earphones vs. Full-Size Headphones: Which are better?

Handymen compare various TIG welders to find out what’s the best TIG welder for aluminum out there. Just like them, a music-lover also compares headphones to find out which one will suit their needs.

Earbud Earphones

They range from disposable to high-performance models. They typically come with your smartphone and are considered one of the most popular types of headphones. Earbud earphones have small earpieces which either rest on our outer ears or into our ear canal. Some buds even have wings and fins to make sure they fit anyone’s ears.


  • black-earphones-inside-ear-canalThey’re lightweight and compact, which means they’re easy to bring.
  • These buds mostly come with a microphone along with track navigation controls.
  • They are good, sometimes excellent, in isolating external noise.
  • They have little to zero interference with glasses, hats, earrings, and even hairstyles.
  • Most of them can fit inside any ear size.


  • The sound quality is usually incomparable with full-size headphones.
  • The bass is often not boosted as well.
  • They can be uncomfortable to use for a long time.
  • Some earbud models are laborious to insert and remove, making them less ideal for office use.
  • The wires can easily get tangled.

Additional features to look for:

  • Different ear tip sizes
  • Three ear tip materials—foam, silicone, and rubber
  • Five-button remote which can control volume
  • Over-ear guides

Full-size headphones

On the other hand, we have full-size headphones. They are also referred to as earcup headphones, over-the-ear headphones, circumaural headphones, and closed-back headphones. They fully enclose one’s ears and are recommended for home use because of their size. They are also used in music studios because they have excellent acoustic isolation.



  • They have higher bass and loudness levels.
  • They generate a larger sound stage thanks to the earcups.
  • They give off that surround-sound feel which isolates noise, giving that sealed music experience.


  • They are too large to bring, which means they aren’t portable.
  • Some models quickly build up the heat on the ears.
  • Because of the wide headband, they stand in the way of one’s glasses, earrings, hats, and some hairstyles.

Additional features to look for:

  • Detachable cord
  • Foldable headband
  • Microphone, track navigation, and volume controls (wire)
  • Replaceable pads


Depending on how they’re going to be used, each type of headphones can be better than the other at some point. For instance, earbud earphones are better for those who are usually on the go, and for listeners who don’t mind the capacity of the earbuds to produce not-so-loud with enhanced bass songs. However, for those who wish to cancel noise and hear that low pitch, the full-size headphones would be better.

Life With A Pool


We all know how a pool can be. Not only does it help keep us more relaxed than usual as we get to flex our muscles like no other just by doing some strokes under the water, but also help keep us physically healthier than usual as we do the above under the warm sun that naturally shines its energy-boosting and anti-inflammatory vitamins down on us – just as it does on a daily basis without some of us especially knowing about it.

We also know how a pool can be. Not only does it help keep us more rejuvenated than usual as we get to fuel our nerves like never before just by doing some glides over the water, but also help keep us mentally fitter than usual as we do the above over the cool air that naturally blows its immunity-boosting and antioxidant minerals up on us – just as it does on a daily basis without others of us even knowing about it.

Ladies and gentlemen, these and even more is what it’s like in life with a pool – and especially with a nice and easy inflatable pool

You see, there’s also the fact that a pool can provide you a unique kind of comfort that you won’t get that easily anywhere else in this world. There’s the warm sun that naturally shines its energy-boosting and anti-inflammatory vitamins down on us, as well as the beach-like ambience that further gives off a relaxing vibe no matter how hectic your work life has been back at work. But of course, who could forget about the kind of inspiration that a pool can offer you as you find yourself taking in every bit of the warm sun while allowing your creative juice to flow like no other?

Because indeed, we all know how a pool can be – something that will keep us healthier than usual, as well as more creative than ever before.

You also see, there’s even the fact that a pool can provide you a unique kind of security that you won’t get that conveniently anywhere else in this world. There’s the cool air that naturally blows its immunity-boosting and antioxidant minerals up on us, as well as the mountain-like atmosphere that further gives off a rejuvenating vibe no matter how frantic your home life has been back at home. And of course, who could forget about the kind of motivation that a pool can offer you as you find yourself making out every bit of the cool air while allowing your innovative juice to flow like never before?

Because indeed, we also know how a pool can be – something that will keep us fitter than usual, as well as more innovative than ever before.

The Best Places to Go for Desserts


Love traveling and sweets? We have rounded up some of the best places you should visit and their scrumptious desserts you need to try. With so many possible delectable treats to choose from, here are a few and where to find them.

1. The traditional and classic American pie – served as is or with toppings like whipped cream or ice cream.

2. The sweet treats of Italy like gelato, panna cotta, tiramisu, baba au rhum (a type of cake soaked with rum syrup), cassata from Sicily (sponge cake with ricotta and cadied citrus peel), and zabaglione.

3. Crème brûlée and crepes in France.

4. Turkey’s delicious confections like baklava (try the freshly-baked ones if you can!), the many flavors of Turkish Delights, alep dondurma (Turkish ice cream), aşure (a type of pudding), kesme dondurma (sliced ice cream), kaymakli kayisi (dried apricots cooked in syrup and later added with a filling of kaymak or buffalo milk), lokma (fried sweet dough balls), osmanli macunu (candy made with melted colored sugar), and revani (sponge cake) among others.

5. Some of the popular Iceland desserts like skyr — the famous yogurt-like- but not yogurt Icelandic food that dates back to the Viking days, skúffukaka (pan-baked chocolate cake drizzled with coconut grounds), and snúður (similar to a cinnamon roll).

6. The wide array of delicious sweets from Japan like mochi, daifuku (mochi stuffed with different sweet fillings), Japanese crepes, dango, dorayaki, traditional Japanese desserts like namagashi, mochi ice cream, imagawayaki, monaka, and so much more. Not to mention the wide selection of unique Kit Kat flavors you will only find in Japan.

Things You Should Not Miss When Traveling

Traveling is fun and a good stress reliever. Who can’t afford to missed one? Need a help to make traveling unforgettable? We can absolutely help you with that.

Here are some of the things you should and must do every time you travel.

Buy Souvenirs

Don’t miss the opportunity to get yourself some souvenirs. It could be a once in a lifetime opportunity. A souvenir can make you relive your memories on a certain area. Don’t miss this one!

Document Every Detail

Bring a note, camera, or something you can use to take note of every moment. Take lots of photographs as possible.

Take note of everything, including the smallest detail possible. Doing this will give you the ability to look back again. It’s fun and satisfying to have something that will help you remember each happy moments and memories.

Ride Local Transportation

Walking seems a good idea to roam around, but riding a transportation makes it easier and more enjoyable.

Riding local means of transportation will help you to find unique places easily. Don’t forget to bring a map before doing this to avoid getting lost!

Eat The Best Food

What’s traveling without the food? I can’t imagine!

Make sure you taste the authentic cuisine in every country that you visit. But keep your health in check. If you have some sort of circulatory disease, refrain from eating large amounts of fatty foods.

When you’re on a diet, be mindful of the things you eat. Do you know how much calories in hamburger bun do you intake? Pretty high. So, eat the best stuff but in moderation.

There you have it, travelers and adventure-seekers! Never have a boring trip again.

Simply follow this guide to make the most of your travel. You have the time and energy to make the most of your trip. It’s up to you how you will make every moment unforgettable!

Thanks for reading! Good luck on your trip!


Good Eats – 6 Tips to Enjoying Local Food When Traveling


Tasting authentic local dishes is part of the joys of traveling. But some travelers inadvertently or by choice miss out on great culinary adventures. As international cuisines becoming more widely available and popular in many places around the world, many people don’t have to travel just to get a taste of them. Eating traditional food at their home cities or countries, however, is a unique experience. And it may even lead to some scrumptious discoveries. If you’re the type of traveler who’s always on the lookout for good eats, here are some tips on how you can enjoy the best dishes at your travel destinations.

1. Know what to find

Do a bit of research before your trip. Find out what are the traditional cuisines in the town or city you’re visiting. Knowing a little about what you can expect in terms of culinary experience can help you become more deliberate in planning your food adventures.

2.Expect the unexpected

If possible, try to avoid setting expectations. Forget about what you think you know about the local food. You may have tried a version of it at restaurants at home or in previous travels. But don’t let memories of those tastes and experiences color your judgment. Expect the unexpected. You might be surprised how pleasant it can be if you take away expectations from your food explorations.

3. Follow the locals’ lead

Many travelers either by habit or preference stick to familiar chain restaurants or food establishments recommended by tourism websites or offices. While there’s nothing wrong with this, it could limit the great experiences you may have when visiting a new place. If you want to immerse yourself in the local food scene, follow the locals’ lead and go where they eat.

4. Include markets in your itinerary

“Get up early and go to the local produce markets. In Latin America and Asia, those are usually great places to find delicious food stalls serving cheap, authentic and fresh specialties.” – Anthony Bourdain

Visit a farmers’ market or open market in the area. There you’ll find not just a wide array of fresh produce like fruits and vegetables. You can also get a taste of the local flavors from food stalls to you can find while there.

5. Explore holes-in-the-walls food shops

Some of the best tasting authentic local dishes are served off the beaten paths. You can find them in holes-in-the-walls restaurants that attract a lot of locals. Take the time to explore the food scene in areas where not many tourists go. Or you can ask for a recommendation from the locals you befriend during your trip.

6. Enjoy a delicious meal at a local’s home

Eating at a local’s home is a growing trend worldwide. Some entrepreneurs have built businesses around the premise of having travelers enjoy meals prepared by locals at their homes. BonAppetour, Eataway, EatWith, and Withlocals are among those that provide opportunities for travelers to connect with locals who can prepare homecooked meals they can share with travelers. This travel food trend has been attracting more attention among travelers who want to have this novel experience.

Solo Trips and Serendipities – Why You Should Travel Alone at Least Once


Not many people are keen on solo traveling for varied reasons. Anyone who hasn’t experienced it may find it hard to understand the draws of going on a leisure trip alone. It may seem like a lonely way explore new places. But those who have traveled solo would know the highs and lows that come with the experience. Most of them probably had their share of serendipities while globetrotting alone. Here are some of the top reasons why solo trips pave the way for serendipitous moments.

You can do whatever you want

Traveling with family, friends, or groups of people often entails a lot of compromises. You have to adjust your plans according to what’s best for the group. While there’s nothing wrong with this arrangement, it could at times limit you from doing some of the things you want to do. A solo trip is a great opportunity to do whatever you want at any time. You only have to think about your personal choices. You do things that please you without worrying about a companion’s preferences.

You can easily change plans — or not have plans at all

Going solo means you can be quite flexible with your plans. Or you can choose not to have specific plans in mind and sort of wing it as you go. These are things you can’t easily do when you’re traveling with someone. When you’re alone, you can meander for as long as you want. You can have a snack or a meal anytime you wish to and at any place you’d like. There’s no need to discuss what and where to eat with anyone. You can follow your whims, which could lead to some of the most amazing discoveries you’d otherwise miss if you’re not alone.

You can stumble into pleasant surprises

The beauty of serendipity is that you could find it in the most unlikely places and situations. The pleasant surprises of stumbling into something you didn’t look for is an unforgettable experience that could make your travelers even more special.

You connect more with strangers

Travelers can connect with strangers regardless if they’re alone or not. But it’s usually when you’re with a group that you don’t get to talk or engage with strangers. The excitement of being with friends and loved ones may put you in a bubble of happiness and contentment. When you’re alone, however, you become more aware of the people around you. You are more likely to converse with the locals and fellow travelers you meet along the way

Off the Beaten Path Destinations for the Bucket List

The beauty of serendipity is that it hits you when you least expect it. It is something unplanned. It just happens. And oftentimes it is when you’re not looking for it that it reveals itself. It may occur anywhere, but it’s in the off the beaten paths that it could really take you by surprise. Travel is synonymous with serendipity. This is probably one of the reasons why it can be addictive. Exploring unfamiliar places gives you that feeling of discovering something beautiful from the unexpected. If you’re thinking of visiting the less trodden paths where not many tourists have gone before, here are some of the destinations that deserve a spot in your bucket list.



Bhutan hosts less than 30,000 tourists every year. And it’s not because travelers avoid it. The country puts an annual cap on the number of tourists. While smaller than its neighbors like China and India, Bhutan is a breathtaking place with scenic landscapes. Its culture and traditions are well-preserved that visiting the country is like straddling a line between the ancient and modern times. The natural environment in the midst of Himalayan mountains and verdant forests protected by the government provides is just one of the many reasons to visit this place.

Bosnia and Herzegovina


It has been over two decades since the war ended in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The country has suffered much from it in many ways. Traces of the conflict like bullet-ridden structures still remain. But looking beyond some of the remnants of the past war, tourists can find spectacular sceneries and a more laidback way of life that can be soothing for those weary of the constant busyness of highly urbanized cities. Its natural attractions are great for adventures or relaxing strolls. Tourists can also marvel at the architectural attractions like the old bridge in Mostar.



Kiribati is an island nation consisting of 33 atolls. Some people may not be aware of it but Christmas Island or Kiritimati is part of it. Less than 6,000 people visited the place in 2014. Unlike other popular island getaways, Kiribati’s many attractions are underdeveloped and fairly rugged in several ways. There are few amenities for travelers who may be looking for the familiar comforts of more touristy destinations. But it’s this ruggedness that’s part of its biggest draw. It’s beautiful destination with pristine beaches and breathtaking lagoons.



Mongolia is an interesting place to visit if you don’t mind the feeling of remoteness. It has large sections of wilderness to explore. The country’s fascinating history and culture likewise make it unique. Its stunning landscapes, spectacular sunsets, and lush forests are just some of the many things to look forward to when visiting the country.



The Southeast Asian nation of Myanmar has been isolated for many years. In recent years, it started to attract more tourists eager to see the hidden gems of the country. The country is home to some of the gentlest people in the region. It has beautiful temples that shimmer in sunlight. Traveling to Bagan is like being transported to the old times where you can see ancient temples and pagodas surrounded by spectacular landscape.